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Tips for Choosing Lawn Care Services

Any homeowner with a lawn constantly feels the need to have his lawn well maintained for the better part of the year. In most instances, a homeowner is incompetent to handle their own lawns or is too busy to take good care of the lawn. It becomes necessary for a homeowner to obtain the services of a qualified company to provide lawn care. The criteria to follow when selecting a company becomes tiresome more so if you are looking for the first time. Below, you’ll find some tips to help you choose the best lawn care services.

Identify specific needs for your lawn. Before you start doing research on potential companies you can engage to provide services, identify what your lawn needs. There is a wide array of lawn care services provided by companies which include weeding, trimming and applying fertilizer. Identifying your lawn needs will aid in eliminating options that don’t provide what you require. Determine if a company has a standard routine of doing things or whether they tailor packages to meet your individual needs.

Research about a company. Find out about the reputation of a company from your friends, relatives and neighbors who have used the services of a lawn care provider. Research from the internet, the reputation of a company by looking at online reviews given by previous clients. Determine whether a company has received any accolades and awards that set them apart from others because of exemplary services provided. Go ahead and check with your local Business Bureau for the performance of local lawn care services and ascertain if there are outstanding obligations against a company. In the event that a company provides quality services, they keep in constant communication with their former clients who can verify their ability.

Check for insurance and licencing. In many states, any person who applies pesticides is required to obtain a pesticide applicator licence issued by the department of Agriculture. Should you hire a lawn care company with no licence, the consequences will be dire as you will not have a place to report complaints against them. Ensure that a company’s employees welfare is protected by the presence of an active insurance cover should accidents occur as they work on your premise. Insurance also makes it possible for an individual to be compensated in case of damage to their property.

Factor in guaranty and cost of services. It is suitable if you request not less than three companies for a price estimate of the project. Look carefully for a company whose contracts are provided on a yearly basis before they can actually determine the exact needs of your lawn. Check for the quality of products used by a company to maintain your lawn as this is one of the driving forces of cost. Ask for guarantee policies to facilitate provision of additional services in instances where a homeowner is unhappy with work done for the first time. After selecting a company to work with, get your contract in writing.

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